Birders have been out all year long, meeting early in the mornings and searching the ponds for wintering waterfowl. In Spring birders walk the many wooded areas and thickets hoping especially to hear and see migrating warblers. We can expect 17 or so species of warblers to be resting on their migration in the Town Forest, Beebe Woods, behind Town Hall and in other wooded habitat.

Every year we make our own migration to the Beech Forest at Provincelands, Cape Cod's hot spot for migrating warblers. It is practically guaranteed to see over 20 species of warbler in one day, in addition to grosbeaks, tanagers, thrushes, eagles and more.

In Winter we cruise to several ponds and along the coast where we enjoy twelve of fifteen freshwaterfowl in Salt Pond, different freshwater fowl in Shiverick's Pond, and sea birds along the coast.

Of course everyone is encouraged to join us and we will share all the knowledge we have on species identification, nesting, habitat, where and when to find the birds that share our waters and woods.

Falmouth has aquired many parcels of land which are open to the public for walking and enjoying. Trails are maintained by volunteers and welcome our presence. The Moraine Trail in West Falmouth, the Sea Farms tract in East Falmouth, the Peterson Farm in Quissett, and Beebe Woods are a few of many.

*** Call Nature's Circle, 508-564-4331, for further information for these events and for additional scheduled walks. All are without charge and open to everyone.

Do join us. You don't know what you have been missing !

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